The motoPOCKET: Perfect Holiday Gift for the Motorcyclist

The invaluable accessory; under $50.00 and Made in the USA


This holiday season; treat the motorcyclist in the family, or friend, to a motoPOCKET.  The quality, durable motoPOCKET range starts at $35.95 to $45.95 making it the perfect stand-alone gift, or for an extra-special present idea, stuff The motoPOCKET with accessories such as gloves and tools.

The motoPOCKET range stops all that frustrating digging around for a cell phone, wallet, gas card, garage door opener – you name it.  Designed to take advantage of the precious space on a motorcycle, The motoPOCKET lets you access your essential items at a moment’s notice.

The motoPOCKET range includes six different designs which make them perfect for almost every motorcycle design including adventure, sports, cruisers, touring bikes and scooters/mopeds.

Key Features

  • Made in the USA from durable, quality materials.
  • Attaches to your windshield, top case, side cases, or handlebars.
  • Simple to install with their easy Velcro attachment feature.
  • Easy to remove on arrival at any destination such as hotel, border control or home.
  • For more than one bike, you can use your motoPOCKET on both. All you need to do is buy an additional motoPOCKET adhesive pad and then you’re set.


combined press release

Top left clockwise:

  • Vespa with motoPOCKET Top Case & motoPOCKET Windshield.
  • Tad from Motostays with motoPOCKET Top Case Net.
  • Suzuki RG500 Gamma with motoPOCKET Windshield.
  • motoPOCKET Top Case in top case.
  • BMW GS with motoPOCKET Top Case Net.
  • Side Case with motoPOCKET Side Case.
  • Jimmy Lewis, off-road King, with motoPOCKET Windshield. Check out Jimmy’s school at


Buying The motoPOCKET Range

The motoPOCKET is available from quality retailers across the USA; see for dealer details.


For further information regarding The motoPOCKET range, or to try a motoPOCKET, please email Emma Nicholson at or call on +1 206-407-3732.  To see the full range, please visit