You can now buy The supPOCKET in green, red, orange, blue or original black thanks to our new color range that launched recently.

The supPOCKET color range is exactly the same price at $49.95 as the original black supPOCKET, and is reassuringly made in the USA.

The color range is made from the same heavy-duty durable material as the original black supPOCKET, and they all come with a zip-up feature that expands to hold all of your belongings on board.  The supPOCKET attaches to your board using four super-strong suction cups.  This means that you can attach and remove your supPOCKET whenever you get to your destination.  If you have an inflatable board, you can attach your supPOCKET to your board using our Inflatable Kit.

The supPOCKET color range measures 12” x 15” x ¾” when empty, and is designed for use in calm waters. 

Remember that The supPOCKET is super-stretchy and allows you to take lots of things on your paddle journey; or only a few… it’s your choice!

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If you are a dealer and would like to order a selection of The supPOCKET in different colors, please call Bob Allen at adventurePOCKETs on +1 208-720-5961.

If you use one of our distributors, please contact them directly as they already stock a selection of The supPOCKET color range.

If you would like to order via the website, please visit our shop.