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I was looking for some sort of cargo netting or an organizer that I could attach to the inside of the *side cases* on my 2015 Kawasaki Versys 1000. I try to keep small items and maps organized with ditty bags, but everything rattles around, and I’m constantly rearranging equipment when I open the cases (the cases on the Kawi have no netting). I was a little apprehensive that the Top Case Pockets might not fit my side cases; however, I have just installed them, and they fit perfectly. I had not even thought of an organizer for the top case because I only mount the top case on my bike for long road trips; however, the design looked so good that I knew it would spare me the constant rearranging hassle I have every time I open the top case when I’m on a road trip.

I say all this because I can tell you that I looked high and low for a solution (my Google-Fu is good), and I could not find anything prior to discovering your Top Case pocket.