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What our customers and the media are saying

Why people love the SupPOCKET and the MotoPOCKET

I’ve been using my SupPOCKET for six months now and every weekend. It holds my water and snacks and I’m very happy with it. I use it for all my trips.

Chip - Mission Beach, San Diego

The MotoPOCKET-Windshield is a super water resistant, removable and basically a convenient glove box. It is good for storing your cell phone, wallet, garage door opener, knives, some Advil – you name it.

Vince Winkel, BMW Owners Magazine

We found a solution to the problem. The MotoPOCKET Side Case…..

Road Iron Magazine

The SupPOCKET is a game-changer for paddle boarders.

SUP International

Product Pick: The SupPOCKET storage bag.

Saint Louis Post-Despatch, Karen Deer

The MotoPOCKET: I’m giving it 5 stars (out of 5) as it does exactly what it should do and comes with that dang squeegee!

I just want to ride

The SupPOCKET is a quality, durable product that comes in two different designs – The SupPOCKET and The SupPOCKET Net.

Wake, Wind & Surf

Thanks supPOCKET for making a solid product. Suction was impressive!
Swarthy Piscator

The MotoPOCKET – I highly recommend The MotoPOCKET. They are well made and very handy places to store items you need to have on hand.

Two Wheels Good

Very helpful and practical… It sticks really good on my board… Paddles for 20km ( around 3 hours ) with mixed conditions of wind and water and it never gave me problems or ever came loose.
Jose Castro Ruiz

My SupPOCKET is fantastic!. It holds my anchor if I want to do SUP Yoga, as well as any extra supplies I may need while out for a distance paddle. It grips to my board and I never worry about losing it. I highly recommend it for any paddler.

Anne Biddle, yoga instructor, http://www.paddleboardri.com/

The MotoPOCKET is easy to remove and designed to take into your hotel every night!

RoadRUNNER Magazine

It was a great experience and I am thankful I got a bag from you! It really helped and I know I will be using it on a regular basis!

Kim James - Chattajack Race

The MotoPOCKET: This is a great product… real quality at a very reasonable price! Couldn’t live without it now!

C Boyle, Canada

The SupPOCKET – voted #4 essential accessory for the summer in June’s edition of the Standup Journal.

Standup Journal

This really is a great product, and it is fantastic that you can now get it in the UK at Bray Lake!
supboarder magazine

The SupPOCKET: Recommended in ‘cool things for travelers to buy’ section.

The Sacramento Bee

The MotoPOCKET was very handy…. holds just about anything that you might want handy but don’t want to carry in your pants pocket.

Ray's Motorcycle Diary

The SupPOCKET – a standup paddle boarding day pack that offers a nice storage solution.

Bullpen Chatter

The supPOCKET – this sleek versatile storage solution for your sup is definitely a product you should consider.
SUP Daily

Awesome ‪#‎suppocket‬ to keep the necessities with me on board. Love it. ‪#‎sup‬ ‪#‎suplove‬
Heather Noel-Holman

The MotoPOCKET is an ingenious on-board storage device designed to let riders access essential items quickly during a ride such as a cell phone, keys, maps or ID. No more frustrating digging for stuff….

ADV Moto (adventuremotorcycle.com)

The MotoPOCKET – These are great for keeping organized and handy those items you need to access often.

Max, Amazon.com

The SupPOCKET makes it convenient for me to carry the necessities to teach my SUP yoga class! Thank you!

Jodi, certified SUP yoga & yoga teacher

I have tried almost every type of removable adhesive stuff to stick things to my board, and I’ve paddled with coolers, and dry bags, and cases and such and this honestly worked better than any of them.

Katie - Distressed Mullet

I found these pockets extremely well made and they have already become my go-to pouches for a number of ‘must haves’ while on the road.

Brian Rathjen, Backroads Magazine

The SupPOCKET featured in two of supconnect.com’s weekly round-ups!


It is a surprize how much volume it holds as it looks so flat when it comes out of the packaging. Nice to have the option of flat or expanded as needed.
Standup Paddle Board Guide

The MotoPOCKET comes in handy…. comes in different shapes and sizes for almost every kind of two-wheeler out there.


Jodelle seen out teaching yoga with her SupPOCKET!

Jodelle Fitzwater, BIC Sup Ambassador

The MotoPOCKET: These guys manufacture great products that get placed anywhere on your motorcycle. It’s neat and easily accessible.

Bikes in the Fast Lane

I LOVE this thing! The suction cups hold WAY better than I expected and losing it is not an issue. I can highly recommend this product!
Lori Makabe

The MotoPOCKET – put this on the VTX1800, works great.

Joe Springer

The pocket securely suctions tightly to the board, then you can remove it when your done! Has a nice handle to carry.
Melinda Gafford

Love your products!
Amy Eubanks Sigler