Store stuff on your bike

The motoPOCKET is a storage solution that takes advantage of the precious space on your motorcycle, enabling you to access your essential items at a moment’s notice.

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Store stuff on your board

The supPOCKET lets you carry things like water, snacks, sunscreen, sunglasses and flip flops on your SUP board so you can venture a little further.

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What people are saying

“Those that cross international borders on a motorcycle can appreciate the usefulness of a motoPOCKET”

C Boyle, Canada
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Our new color range is out now! Click here to see further details….


Media & Customer Reviews

Over the past few months, we have had some great reviews for The supPOCKET and The motoPOCKET in the media, across blogs, from retailers and customers. We have compiled a few of these in our comments section – see the link below.  You can  also see more in our ‘what’s new’ section on The supPOCKET and The motoPOCKET web pages.  Thank you to everyone for your on-going support!  We love hearing from you.  If you would like to share your experiences using The supPOCKET or The motoPOCKET, please email us at  We love to get your photos too!

Read more on our media and customer comments page.

Mark Tuttle from Rider Magazine’s review of The motoPOCKET:

“The trouble with stuff, like the trouble with tribles, is that it multiplies and disappears. Go on, get organized—get The motoPOCKET”. Read more on our media and customer comments page.


STANDUP JOURNALThe supPOCKET #4 in Standup Journal’s ‘absolute must-have gear list’ (06/14)


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